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Fall 2018 Semester

All language classes (CTC and CTE ) start on Aug. 19, 2018.  Extracurricular (EC) classes starts on the next Sunday, 8/26. Tuition is due on the first day!

All students need to register for the new school year, any unpaid balance will be rolled over.

Early Reg. Date: 7/30/2018 and you will get Early Reg. Disc. $10.00 per course for new classes.

Office Room: Room#239



The application fee of $25.00 per family includes a non-refundable registration fee of $15 and a volunteer charge of $10 you can get back when you volunteer. You can sign up for volunteer opportunities throughout the semester.

Pay your tuition on time to avoid late fee

Your tuition is due on first day of school. Please make every effort to send in your payment on the first school day. Please check "Total Due" online for the correct amount.

You will be charged a late fee of $50 if Bohua has not received your tuition payment two week after the first day of school, i.e. after 8/26. This late fee will stricly enforces as some families carried a balance till the end of last semster. For those who carried a balance, it will be forwarded to the new semester plus the late fee.

Write your family ID

It's important for you to write your family ID number on your check so we know who you are paying for. Login to your account to find your family ID. We encourage you bring your check to the office during the first day of school, although mail the check to Bohua at “Bohua Chinese School,  1750 38th street, Boulder, CO 80301.” will also be ok, but there could be a delay since mails are not checked in time during the summer holiday time.

Pay tuition electronically - P2P

Instead of a check, alternatively you can also pay your tuition to Bohua electronically through the Person to Person Pay (P2P) service if you bank with one of these banks:

1st bank

Wells Fargo (Zelle),

Chase (QuickPay),

Bank of America,

US Bank,


Logon to your bank account online to check it out. Likely you've already set it up and have been using it. You must be banking with one of these banks in order to use this service. When you send your payment to Bohua, remember to use Bohua email address as the recipient: It’s critical to note who you are paying for: Family ID, Phone #, parent email. For example:

ID: 987, 303-123-4567,

Dropping courses and refunds

Bohua allows students to drop courses after the school starts. Full refund will be given for courses dropped during the first week of the semester, 75% refund during the second week and there will be no refund after the first 2 weeks. This applies to both language classes (CTC, CTE), and extracurricular (EC) classes.

Amazon donation to Bohua as a result of your shopping

Go to to shop on Amazon. Amazon will donate 0.5% of what you paid to Bohua, you can see at the top left: Supporting: Bohua Chinese School A Colorado Non-Profit Corporation.