Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA) is a leading non-profit Chinese school in Arizona with over 600 students enrolled. For over 20 years, CCSA has been teaching Chinese language, history and culture, and promoting cultural exchanges and active involvement in the local communities.

CCSA is also a key partner of the Confucius Institute at ASU. School sessions are held on Saturdays at ASU main campus in Tempe, our web site is


Fall 2018 Classrooms and map

Office: ED202 9:00AM-1:00PM

ASU Farmer Education Building

1050 S. Forest Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281

Allan Yang
亚省现代中文学校 校长



Dear CCSA families, teachers, and volunteers:

Welcome all new and returning students to CCSA! Thank all members of School Executive Committee for their tremendous efforts on getting the school operating related details ready in the summer break.

CCSA was established in 1996. Since then, many parents, teachers, and volunteers have been making their great efforts on the school's development and growth. CCSA is a school with a clear mission, an integrated system, best teachers aboard, and wonderful parents and volunteers around. CCSA is, above all, a big family that places students and parents at the heart of importance.

On behalf of CCSA Board of Directors, I would like to sincerely thank the ASU Confucius Institute for the partnership and support! Thanks to Intel, AMEX, Boeing, and Medtronic for the sponsorship and generosity! Thanks to Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council for the guidance and collaboration!

As one of the Model Chinese Schools in the United States, let us work together and make CCSA be the best school for the students, a welcome place for the parents, and an active member in the local community. I would like to express my sincere appreciation again for the support received from our parents, volunteers, and teachers during the school's development, and I am looking forward to your continued support for the coming school year.

The Board of Directors will be working closely with the school's executives to ensure that we will have another great school year. We will face challenges and opportunities with the growing CCSA in the years to come. We will face them TOGETHER!

Shicheng Tao
CCSA Chairman of the Board of Directors (2018-2019)


1. AP中文写作 Basis学校AP中文特聘老师安然主讲

2. 王双双中文课 王双双多年的海内外一线教学实践经验为她提供了零距离观察和对比中西方教学方法的机会,并在对中西方教学方法进行取长补短,去芜存菁的基础上总结出一套自己独特的,行之有效的教授中文的方法。她十年磨一剑,在反复试用修改基础上,编写出版了基于这种独特教学方法的教材《双双中文教材》。

3. Wu Shu 武术 Master Shi Yanqing (释延倾 师傅) was accepted into Shaolin Wushu Academy in China at the age of 12 and has been practicing Shaolin Gung Fu, meditation and Chan (Zen) Buddhism ever since. Master Yanqing has won multiple Chinese national martial arts championship titles over the years, and he was appointed Cultural Ambassador of the newly established Arizona Shaolin Cultural Center in 2012.