Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA) is a leading non-profit Chinese school in Arizona with over 600 students enrolled. For over 20 years, CCSA has been teaching Chinese language, history and culture, and promoting cultural exchanges and active involvement in the local communities.

CCSA is also a key partner of the Confucius Institute at ASU. School sessions are held on Saturdays at ASU main campus in Tempe, our web site is

Fall 2017 classes will be held from 08/05/2017 to 12/02/2017, registration will open soon


Spring 2017 Classrooms and map

Office: ED202 9:00AM-1:00PM

Seminar: ED204



Hello all CCSA students, parents, teachers, supporters, and volunteers:
Let me begin by thanking you for another year of hard work, commitment, and dedication. I am very proud of what we have achieved in the past year. Together, we have accomplished a lot in 2016. Below are a few of the year's achievements:
 We hosted the CCSA 20th year anniversary event which included many high quality performances by our own talented students, teachers, and parents. It was well received by various local government representatives, sister school leaders, and other local communities which resulted in promoting our school's history, culture, and leadership.
 The school executive committee, SEC, led by principal Wang Yulan, made significant changes to our curriculum such as the introduction of the Wang Shuang Shuang textbooks. This new set of teaching materials increased the number of choices for a more updated teaching and learning style for students. The high numbers of enrolled students and positive feedback for these classes exemplifies that this is the right track for CCSA to continue to be a leader of Chinese and cultural education in Arizona.
 We co-hosted the first of its kind Phoenix Chinese School Spring
Festival with more than 800 people attending. We sold so many tickets so fast that we needed to control and stop the sales to ensure quality and safety.
 We again received the top honor of being one of the Model Chinese Schools in the United States. Being a model school, we continue to have access to many resources and opportunities for students, such as more summer camp choices, extra funding, and invitations to nationwide events to promote our school in the U.S. and in China.
Looking ahead, I see plenty of new opportunities for us to continue our success in 2017. We want to continue to focus on maintaining our high teaching quality, which is the goal our school board always fully supports. We will continue to explore opportunities for gaining better teaching materials, and also additional resources for providing students with volunteer opportunities both inside CCSA and outside at local communities.
We have some of the most talented teachers in the valley for our 50+ classes in many different fields. We have the most committed school executive team to manage school operations. Finally, we have the most supportive families/parents that we can count on.
I am truly grateful to be part of the CCSA team. Wishing you all a wonderful 2017!
Jim Xi
CCSA Chair of the Board

Conversational Chinese class 中文口语课

We will have a Conversational Chinese class 中文口语课, which will be taught by Shicheng Tao. Shicheng has been teaching the Conversational Chinese Class at CCSA since 2005.

This popular class is designed for beginning/intermediate level students who want to learn Chinese as a second language; for non-mandarin speaking families, including but not limited to English speaking families and Cantonese speaking families who want to learn mandarin Chinese; for people who want to travel and study in China; and for business people and engineers who want to work and/or do business in China.

The 1st hour of class focuses on listening Chinese songs, watching Chinese dialogue videos, and learning new words and new dialogues. The 2nd hour of class focuses on practicing dialogues on one-on-one basis and/or in a group setting. This class introduces Chinese culture, life, society, and custom; and teaches simplified Chinese character strokes and writing as well. This class provides students with an enjoyable interactive learning environment, and gives students plenty of opportunities to practice conversational Chinese in the class. All lessons are effectively taught in English and Chinese. Homework is assigned after each class for students to practice during the week. The class handout is written in both Chinese with Pinyin and English.

There are no pre requirements to join this class; anyone can give it a try. Remember, learning Chinese can be enjoyable!


Kids Drawing II (Advanced 8+) - by Janice Light

Janice has been teaching art for 10 years, focusing on children's creative art. She covers drawing, coloring, and using oil pastels in the classes. Janice has had some of her own pieces chosen for art galleries and has won some awards for her art, especially for her use of oil painting. In this class, the kids not only learn the beauty of art, they also use their imaginations to create and find joy in art. She has led classes successfully, and some of her students have won their own awards for art in their schools.



Pre K-K (Wang Shuangshuang)

Chinese 1 (Wang Shuangshuang)

Chinese 8 (Wang Shuangshuang)

王双双,双双中文学校校长,多年的海内外一线教学实践经验为她提供了零距离观察和对比中西方教学方法的机会,并在对中西方教学方法进行取长补短,去芜存菁的基础上总结出一套自己独特的,行之有效的教授中文的方法。她十年磨一剑,在反复试用修改基础上,编写出版了基于这种独特教学方法的教材《双双中文教材》。这套教材把汉字的学习放入文化学习的流程之中, 让老师像导游一样引领学生浏览中华文化的大观园。课文持"精、简"的原则:"精",内容取精华;"简",语言简单, 有亮点满足学生的求知欲。


AMC class - by Brandon Jiang

Description: The course focuses on challenging topics and problem solving strategies on introductory high school level math contests, including the AMC 10/12 and AIME.
Prerequisites: It is highly recommended that students have taken math classes up to pre-calculus, but note that it is completely feasible without this experience

Adult Line Dance - by 聞玲琳

聞玲琳是教了13年排舞的舞蹈老師,也是教了17年的中國語文老師。 聞玲琳曾於2007, 2008, 2009年, 贏得内華達州及亞利桑那州排舞大賽, 個人和團隊類別的冠軍頭銜。
排舞是一種國際化的舞蹈,它源自美國西部鄉村舞,其後的中國廣場舞就是由排舞發展出來的新舞派。排舞簡單易學, 無需任何舞蹈經驗, 基礎。
排舞形式多樣,豐富多彩;它的步伐花式有華爾滋, 恰恰, 爵士, 曼波, 探戈, 桑巴... 每一支排舞都有其獨特的舞蹈編排, 有的輕快歡樂, 有的優雅浪漫, 有的又瀟灑帥氣; 有的是懐舊老歌, 有的更是最新時尚流行歌曲; 有的是中國音樂, 有的又是英文歌曲...
很多女性都喜歡跳交際舞,但苦於心愛的另一半不跳,而無奈只得放棄跳舞的興趣,然而排舞無需舞伴, 它集體共舞却可同時擁有並發揮個人特色。排舞可以舒緩身心壓力,增長記憶, 强化心肺功能,提高身體四肢協調能力,加强平衡感,更别談其塑造優美形體的事實了。

Kid Drawing II (Advanced 8+) - by 徐健国

徐健国老师从小对于美术就有很大的兴趣,在他二十四岁时曾经在一间叫天帆动画社担任日本电视卡通的动画员,曾经画过的有Speed Racer,Great Mazinger和Scientific Gotch man以及美国的Rugrats. 为了想在美术上有更大的突破,他决定继续学习。他于1993年毕业于杨百韩-夏威夷大学美术系,并在1997年在Collins College又修了视觉 联络。
由于成绩优秀,Collins College正式聘用他担任教师,他在Collins College任教了近十六年(1997-2013)。他在2011 也在Grand Canyon University 担任部分时间教师,今天仍然在那儿工作。他教过的课程有:人物素描,建筑透视,色彩学,动画入门,进阶动画,Adobe Illustrator 及2-D Animation Design。


The school will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on the last day of school: May 7th, 2016. Each class will participate in this event. All classes on that day will move to this location.

校庆时间/Time Date:5/7/2016,9:00am -12 Noon
校庆地址/ Location:Auditorium of Marcos de Niza High School
6000 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283