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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the school and makes the major decisions for the school. It consists of nine members who are voted in by the Parent Association. Each member of the board is elected for a term of three years. No more than one person from the same family can serve on the board. The members of the Board elect a chairman. If a board member is unable to complete the term, the board of directors shall appoint an acting director and the Parent Association shall finalize the confirmation of the new director.

The responsibilities of the Board shall include

  • Call and conductthe Parent Association meetings
  • Appoint the principal or dismiss the principal if necessary
  • Listen to school operational report presented by the principal
  • Consult school administration in making major decisions
  • Develop strategic plans for the school


Chairman of Board: Shicheng Tao

Members: 董事会 (前排左起:Fannie Tam, 田韶微, Shicheng Tao-董事长, 朱岩
后排左起:Steven Tu, 苗玉良, Jim Xi, Doug Matlock, Allan Yang)

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