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CCSA Classroom Rules

  1. Whenever a conflict arise, always being polite with other parties to reach resolution. If cannot resolve it, contact Yany CCSA admin staff in office to use alternate rooms available.
  2. Always keep the class room clean and everything in order. Before leaving the class room, check the conditions of floors, furniture and board, make sure they are in good order and reasonable clean. Rearrange the furniture if they were moved before the class. Do not allow students to play or hang around in the class rooms after the class.
  3. Do not allow food and drinks in the class room except water (kindergarten and pre-school are exceptions).
  4. During class recess, students are not allowed to run around, shout or make any excessive noise. Students should not go to the 4th floor and other rooms which do not have CCSA signs on the doors.
  5. Any violations should be stopped by teacher and report to CCSA admin staff on duty.

-- by CCSA Admin Team