Step One – Login or Create a new account
For members enrolled in the last semester, hereby called Existing Members, you may use your
username and your password to login. You may request your password through your
email registered with CCSA should you forget the password.
New Members should use the “New Account” link to enter your family information.

Step Two – Update/Enter Family Data
Once you enter the family page, make sure the information on record or entered is complete and
current. Pay particular attention to your email address. You will not receive school news if you
have incorrect email addresses on record.

Step Three – Registration
After login, you now may click the “My family” to the family page, click "Enrollment" tabl to pick classes for your kids and/or yourself. The registration process is self-explanatory.

Step Four - Payment
Once you have completed class selections, click the “Get Payment Slip” button and print out the resulting page as the slip. You will need the slip when making payment either on-site or via post office. Mailing instructions are printed on the slip.

  1. Login to family account
  2. Click "My Family 注册"
  3. Click "View Detail" in "Assignment & Grades"

See attached example

How To View Homework/Assignment Example133.02 KB
  1. Register on-line at home before school starts as oppose to on-site registration. CCSA has very limited resources (computers, internet access and printers) to provide on-site registration at this time.
  2. Register early to take advantage of the discount CCSA offer to Early-bird Registrations. Check the CCSA-At-a-Glance form for details.
  3. Make sure your email(s) on record is current and correct. Otherwise you will NOT receive homework assignments and/or school news.
  4. Make sure your telephone number is correct. Otherwise you will NOT be able to access your account information later.
  5. Use the mail option for payment to avoid long payment lines on the first day of school.