Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA) is a leading non-profit Chinese school in Arizona with over 600 students enrolled. For over 20 years, CCSA has been teaching Chinese language, history and culture, and promoting cultural exchanges and active involvement in the local communities.

CCSA is also a key partner of the Confucius Institute at ASU. School sessions are held on Saturdays at ASU main campus in Tempe, our web site is


Fall 2018 Classrooms and map

Office: ED202 9:00AM-1:00PM

ASU Farmer Education Building

1050 S. Forest Mall, Tempe, AZ 85281

教给学生正确的呼吸,发声,声音共鸣, 歌曲演唱和表现的方法。

2. 讲授基本音乐理论知识。

3. 进行一定的视唱练耳训练。

4. 讲授基本的和声知识。

5. 排练中西方多声部优秀合唱作品, 培养学生的乐感, 并争取在学校和社区活动中演出。

6. 通过多声部合唱作品的排练, 培养学生的团结协作,相互配合, 遵守记律的精神。

With ASU Sun Devil Fitness Complex support, begin Fall 2017 we are offering new Parent Fitness Activities - a new class to register at a group rate of $35 per participant per semester.  It is to aim to utilize parents' time at ASU location, after dropping off their child for class, to enjoy sports activity for fitness.  
The individual membership will allow parents to access ASU SDFC facilities from 9 am to 12:30 pm for 16 Saturdays, except Fall/Spring Break and Holidays while there is no school.  
Below are the sports facilities for registered participant at SDFC:
In door courts for Basketball, Volleyball (UPON REQUEST), Badminton (UPON REQUEST) and Racquetball
Ping Pong room and tables
Swimming Pools (heated during winter)
Weight training rooms (supervised); gym equipment
Indoor Field Track
Sports equipment rental during the time (except Ping Pong ball and racquetball)
Have access to changing and shower
To register, please enroll class "Parent Fitness Activities" and enjoy the benefit of stay active for the well-being of one selves.