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Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA)

Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) Policy (Rev. 12/08/2003)

I. Purpose:

  • To maintain the high standard of teaching, do a proper assessment on the classes, seek improvement in the teaching assignment, and provide a reference point in addition to the feedbacks from students and parents.

II. Policy:

  1. The teaching principal is in charge of the TQA program, including the selection of the auditing members and the back-up members, the determination of the evaluation criteria, the arrangement of the auditing schedule, the evaluation of the feedbacks from the auditing members, and the process of the suggestions to teachers.
  2. There are two auditing teams; one is for the Chinese classes, the other one is for the math classes. Each team consists of six or seven members. All members are drawn from the CCSA Board/SEC members, parents and the experienced teachers.
  3. On the school day, there will be four auditing members to audit four classes; one member is for each class. Two Chinese classes and two math classes are audited per one school day. Each member will audit two classes, and all classes in Chinese and math will be audited at least once per semester.
  4. The evaluation form will be filled by the auditing member, and backed to the school teaching principal immediately for filing and processing. The filled evaluation form for the class in which the school teaching principal teaches will be backed to the school principal for filing and processing.
  5. During the auditing process, all auditing members shall keep a positive attitude, not disrupt the class, be a good observer and listener, not criticize the teacher or make any comments for the class.
  6. All feedback should be done via the school teaching principle to the teacher.