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Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA)

Teaching Assistant (TA) Assignment Policy (Rev. 12/08/2003)

I. Purpose:

  • In order to keep the high quality of teaching, CCSA has adapted the teaching assistant program helping teachers to better focus on the curriculum.

II. Policy:

  1. This policy is applied to all classes excluding the cultural classes.
  2. The maximum number of students per class at CCSA is defined as 40.
  3. School executives may consider dividing the high enrollment class, which approaches or exceeds the maximum number of students designated above.
  4. School will assign TA to the class upon the consideration of the teaching quality and the teacher's needs.5. The TA number(s) vs. the student numbers at each grade is shown on the table below.
    Grades 1 TA if Student #s Over 2 TAs if Student #s Over
    Preschool 15 25
    Kindergarten 15 30
    1st Grade 15 30
    2nd - 10th Grade 20  30