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Administration Team

The school is administered by the principal who has the responsibility to assemble the Scholars Executive Committee. The principal is appointed by the Board of Directors for a one-year term and can be re-appointed consecutively. The administrative staff assists the principal in operating the school. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Hire and evaluate teachers
  • Develop proposals to the Board of Directors in regarding to the curriculums, choice of text
  • books and the school site
  • Manage school's finance and budgeting
  • Organize and preserve school's files and documents


CCSA Administration team of year 2018-2019

SEC team

  • Principal:Allan Yang
  • VP of administration: Yulan Wang
  • VP of activity: Min Zhao
  • VP of Information Tech: Xiaohong Wang
  • VP of Treasure: Lanping Deng
  • VP of Teaching: Shaowei Tian
  • VP of PR and Media: Yuliang Miao
  • VP of Student Activity: Ran An


校委会 (左起:赵敏、田韶微, Yuliang Miao, Allan Yang-校长、王晓红, 王玉兰, Ran An, Lanping Deng)

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