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Dear CCSA Families, Teachers, and Volunteers:

The fall semester was off to a great start on Saturday, 8/5/2017. Welcome all new and returning students to CCSA! Thanks CCSA Principal Yulan Wang and the school’s executives for their tremendous efforts to get the school operating related details ready in the summer break.

CCSA was established in 1996. Since then, many parents, teachers, and volunteers put their great efforts into the school’s development and growth. CCSA is a school with a clear mission, an integrated system, best teachers aboard, and wonderful parents and volunteers around. CCSA is, above all, a big family that places students and parents at the heart of importance.

CCSA is also a key partner of the ASU Confucius Institute (CI).The partnership between ASU CI and CCSA is built not only on the mutual support, but also on the mutual trust. We deeply appreciate all the support we have received from ASU CI. CCSA will be continuing to collaborate further with ASU CI. This year marks the 10th anniversary of ASU CI, and we wish ASU CI continued success as they celebrate this important milestone.

It is my great honor to introduce to you the active members of the CCSA Board of Directors: Allan Yang, Doug Matlock, Fannie Tam, Jim Xi, Shaowei Tian, Shicheng Tao, Steven Tu, Yan Zhu, and Yuliang Miao. The Board of Directors will work closely with the school’s executives to ensure that we will have another great school year.

As one of the Model Chinese Schools in the United States, let us work together to make CCSA the best school for the students, a welcome place for the parents, and an active member in the local community. I would like to express my sincere appreciation again for the support from our parents, volunteers, and teachers during the school’s development, and I am looking forward to your continued support for the coming school year. You make a difference in TEAM CCSA!

Shicheng Tao
CCSA Chairman of the Board of Directors (2017-2018)

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