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Parent Association

Membership of the Parent Association is automatically approved for parents of all students at CCSA. Any other interested individuals may also become members when approved by the Board of Directors of CCSA.


Members of the Parent Association have the right and are welcome to participate in the School's activities and make suggestions pertaining to the School's day-to-day operation. The School shall hold biannual parent meetings during spring and fall semesters. The meeting agenda shall include but is not limited to:

  • Listen to semiannual school report presented by the Board of Directors
  • Discuss and approve proposals or suggestions of school operation presented by the Board of Directors
  • Elect and confirm members of the Board of Directors
  • Draft or amend the School's bylaws
  • Discuss and approve suggestions made by members of the Parent Association


Emergency meetings for the Parent Association shall be declared when voted for by the majority of members of the association. Meeting notice and agenda shall be provided at least one week prior to the meeting date.