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Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona (CCSA)

Tuition Refund Policy (Rev. 08/13/2016)


I. Purpose:

In order to maximize the benefits for both CCSA and families, this policy is issued to provide applicable guidelines for all CCSA families regarding the percentage of tuition refund.

II. Policy:

  1. This policy is only applied to refund the tuition excluding the registration fee, material fee and late fee, which are nonrefundable.
  2. The first week is defined as the week beginning with the first Saturday for each designated semester; same pattern applies for the remaining weeks.
  3. The withdrawal period vs. the percentage of tuition refund is shown on the table below.


Withdrawal Period

Percentage of Tuition Refund (%)

Within the first 2 weeks


After the 3rd week starts and before the 4th week starts


After the 4th week starts