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学生守则 Basic rules for Students

1. 准时到教室上课, 按时完成作业。
Be on time to the class and complete homework on time.

2. 教室內不准吃东西或喝饮料。上课时禁止嚼口香糖。
No food or drink (except water) in classrooms. No chewing gum during class time.

3. 上课时不准听音乐及使用手机。
Music players and cell phones are not permitted during class time.

4. 保持教室清洁, 整齐。未经教师同意, 不得移动教室内的桌椅以及动用其它教具。
Keep classroom clean and everything in order. Do not move desks and chairs and do not touch other teaching equipment without teacher's approval.

5. 课间休息时不得在走廊跑动, 打闹及喊叫。不得上4楼及其它教室。
No running in the hallways and keep the noise down during recess. Students are not allowed on the 4th floor.


家长守则 Basic rules for Parents

1. 督促并协助学生遵守学校校规.
Make sure your children follow the school rules.

2. 准时接送学生上下学并督促子女按时完成作业
Be on time for school and supervise your children to finish homework on time.

3. 上课时间避免在教室外高声交谈.
Avoid talking loudly outside the classrooms.

4. 家长听课需提前向教师提出申请并征得同意. 准时到教室上课并遵守听课要求, 如: 不在上课中间出入教室, 不与学生交谈, 不使用手机等等.
Ask teacher's permission before sitting in on a class. Be there on time and follow the classroom rules, such as do not enter/leave the room during class, do not talk to students and do not use cell phone.