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Students and Teachers

The school administration seeks experienced and enthusiastic individuals to be volunteer teachers. Every teacher shall sign a one-semester contract that can be renewed, and is required to give the School a four-week advance notice if one has to resign prior to the end of a semester. The School reserves the right to dismiss teachers who violate the school's rules and regulations. Teachers performance will be evaluated by students and parents. The school administrative staff will discuss evaluations with teachers for continuous improvements.


亚 省 现 代 中 文 学 校 教 师 教 学 纲 要

CCSA Teacher Evaluation Outline

1.  热爱教学, 上课时精神饱满, 精力充沛.

demonstrates enthusiasm for the course

2.  鼓励学生积极提问和参与课堂讨论.

encourage questions and other class participations

3.  回答学生提问清楚准确.

answer questions clearly and adequately

4.   专业知识扎实, 对所教内容研究透彻.

knowledgeable in the subject

5.      备课认真, 课前准备好教案, 教具, 讲义.

well prepared for each class

6.  按教学计划进行课堂教学.

cover the course objectives as presented in the syllabus

7.  准时上课, 按时下课. 不迟到也不拖课.

begins and ends the class promptly

8.      讲课生动, 能激发学生的学习热情.

communicates the subject matter effectively

9.      了解教学重点和难点, 并尽量解释清楚.

know when the class is having difficulty understanding the materials and attempts to clarify it

10.    根据学生年龄特点选用恰当例子解释所教內容.

makes good use of examples to explain subject matter