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Tuition and Finance

The Board of Directors determines the amount of tuition collected from students. Tuition income will be allocated to cover the school's necessary expenses including rent, teaching materials, office supplies, awards for students, and compensation for teachers' expenses. The principal can make purchasing decisions within the budget. Any purchasing not included in the budget must be approved by the Board of Directors.

The School's finances are independent from all other entities. At the end of each semester, income and expense shall be disclosed to the Parent Association and budget for the following semester shall be presented by the school administration. If one-third or more members from the Parent Association have question about accounting practices, the Board of Directors shall bring in an independent auditor to mediate.


Tuition and Fees

Registration (per student, nonrefundable, and waived for parent classes) $30.00
Multi-student discount (2nd student on) $5.00
Late fee (per student & nonrefundable, starts after 2 weeks) $10.00