E11-4 ROBOTICS PROGRAM AND AI: Pre-Robotics Competition Team



Level 4: ROBOTICS PROGRAM AND AI: Pre-Robotics Competition Team

* Solid STEM knowledge and hand on experience in advance requirement.

*Students’ starting level is same as

“Plano ISD Robotics class level “FIRST® Robotics Competition (Grades 9-12)”

* Students’ starting level is same as

Richardson ISD Robotics – Magnet Programs Year 3 (grades 11)

  • Design, build, program VEX EDR robots per VEX annual topics.
  • Under teachers/coaches’ guide, adhere to strict constraints, limited resources, and attend competitions by VEX EDR schedule
  • an intense fall semester time limit
  • Teachers/coaches guide how to analyze a complex challenge in order to increase win rate in a difficult field game
  • Apply sophisticated math, physics, and engineering principles to reliably approach technical problems solving methods.
  • Polish presentation skills.
  • Consider to how to build a strong competition team and raise funds.
  • Practice how to complete a great engineering/science project.
  • A lot of competition practice at school and in VEX EDR events

Team Coach teacher: Jian Liu, Kan Xu, and Rui Xu

Teachers: Kan Xu and Rui Xu

Level 4 secondary teacher: Jian Liu

Application Fee: $15.00 (waved when registrant at DMCLS with other classes)

Time List Tuition Promotion Tuition Material Fee

Level 4: 12:15pm-1:45pm $800 $480 Market price

Class Size: 12 (15 Max.); Min.5

Class Time: 12:25pm-1:55pm on Sunday (DMCLS calendar, another page)

Optional lab and TA time (Level 4): RESEVE NEED

Classroom: TBD at John Paul II High School, 900 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075

* Material fee is only for normal depreciation.

*Material fee is no refundable.

*Just the first class could try out. The second class must be paid.
*Lab time fee: no charge now for current program promotion.