Dallas Modern Chinese Language School- Major Events (1994-2009)

1994: DMCLS established in January. Only eight children registered. Initially operated in parents’ homes then moved into the Waterview Church of Christ.

1995: Enrollment grew to 58 students. The school joined the Chinese Schools Association of the United States as one of its founding members.

1996: Enrollment continued to grow to over 100 students. DMCLS board created. DMCLS teachers joined other Chinese school teachers in Houston for seminars on oversea Chinese textbooks.

1997: Enrollment exceeded 150 students in 11 classes with 17 teachers.

1998: Started to use Jinan University’s Chinese textbooks, written specifically for oversea Chinese education.

1999: DMCLS students’ essays appeared in mainstream Chinese media. Enrollment approached 300 in 12 classes.

2000: The school outgrew its accommodation and moved to Parkhill Junior High School in Richardson.

2001: Enrollment over 325. The school started a class designed specifically for Chinese children adopted by American families.

2002: Many new classes offered in math, English, arts, and sports. School organized a trip to China to visit places of interest and learn Chinese culture. Donations to relief programs at home and abroad continued and grew.

2003: Enrollment over 400 in 16 Chinese and over 30 optional classes supported by 33 teachers, principal, principal assistant, and board of directors. The curriculum revised again to increase reading materials in classes. DMCLS joined with the Davis Library in Plano to participate in the Metlife Foundation’s “Reading America” project: “Teens Between Cultures.”

2004: Started to use on-line registration system for student registration. Enrollment stabilized as parents had more choices of Chinese Schools in the DFW area.

2005: DMCLS prepared for another change of Chinese textbooks. The first teacher with DMCLS teaching experience joined area public school as Chinese teacher – the start of a growing trend.

2006: Enrollment continued to grow to about 450. Two teaching systems were offered to meet diverse needs. Several DMCLS teachers and students were recognized for their accomplishments by the Chinese Language Educational Office in Beijing. Seven children won prizes in the 7th International Chinese Children’s Essay Competition. Parents and students establish the Dallas Youth Volunteer Association to serve the broader community.

2007: More Teachers and students were recognized for their achievements by a variety of Chinese and overseas Chinese agencies.

2008: More DMCLS teachers joined well-known area public and private schools such as St Mark’s as Chinese teachers. DMCLS organized the first Chinese Standard Proficiency Test (HSK) in DFW with the Confucius Institute at UTD.

2009: 15th Anniversary celebrations.