Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

1. Question: How to login to my account, or create one if I do not have one yet?


go to

click Registration

click Student

You can login if you already have an account. Please make sure that the “ID Type” field is correct. You can login with ID type of “phone number,” “email address,” or “family ID.” If you forgot your password, please click the “Click here to email password to you” link on the web page to retrieve your password.

If you do not have an account created yet, please click the “New Account” link on the web page to create a new one. Please make sure that you enter your email address correctly as your account password will be emailed to you.

Please do not create multiple accounts, as our system is unable to deal with multiple accounts for a same family.

2. Question: How do I register online?

Answer: After you login to your account, you can add new family members to your account. To add new family members, you need to enter their name, age etc. and then click the “Update Family Information” on the web page. With all family members entered, you can click “Go To Registration Page” to open the registration page.

On the registration page, you can register classes for any family member by selecting the family member’s name first, then select the class (classes) to be registered, and finally click the “register” button at the bottom page.

All registered classes for your family will be listed at the bottom of the registration page. After all registrations are done, click the “RegSlip” button at the bottom of the registration page to create a registration summary page. Please print out the summary page and mail it with your payment to the mailing address specified.

3. Question: Do you have any language/culture classes for American family adopted Chinese children age 3-5? I have an adopted child from China.

Answer: We have a pre-school class accepting adopted Chinese children 4 years old or older from American families. We teach some simple Chinese expressions through playing and Chinese rhymes. We also teacher simple Chinese characters strokes, so to prepare their moving up to regular Chinese first grade class.

4. Question: My son is 7 years old, he can speak some Chinese with us at home, what class should he register? Can he skip Pinyin?

Answer: We teach Pinyin only in the beginning of first grade in fall semester. The purpose of pinyin is to help students to pronounce Chinese characters correctly and later able to use Chinese dictionary. If a child is over 7 seven years old or older, and missed fall semester, they may skip pinyin.

5. Question: Why do you use two different Chinese textbook“ Biaozhun Zhongwen” and ZhongWen?

Answer: “ZhongWen” was the first published Chinese textbooks for overseas Chinese school compiled by Jinan University under the leadership of Chinese Overseas affairs Office. DMCLS, a member school of CSAUS, is the first school in Dallas Fort Worth area to use “Zhong Wen” vol. 1-12. However, we have been searching a better textbook to meet the needs of American Born Children, and decide to include Biaozhun Zhongwen for higher graders, because Biaozhun Zhongwen contains more readings. Please refer DMCLS teaching program for details.

6. Question: Why do you offer both regular Chinese class and Reading class? How do I know which class I should choose for my child?

Answer: DMCLS is striving to take lead in providing quality Chinese education in DFW area. Reading class means we emphasize the importance of reading in effective learning Chinese from the early learning stage. It represents our school’s unique teaching styles. Please refer “DMCLS teaching program” for details. Parents who decide their children in reading classes should prepare heavy involvement in children’s Chinese class homework and correspondence with teachers.

7. Question: Do your Chinese teachers have any teaching experience in China or America?

Answer: We try to recruit best Chinese teachers in DFW area. Most of the Chinese teachers are either have long teaching experience in China, or graduate from Chinese Normal schools. Some hold M.A. or PHD degree from American Universities. Our school has also become a strong Chinese teacher resource to DFW schools due to our good reputation in Chinese teaching quality and teachers credential in their teaching experience. Some of our Chinese teachers have been selected by private schools such Hockday, St. Marks and Plano High School as pace-seter teacher to start Chinese class in their school.

8. Question: My kids is 4 years old, can he register for SAN Rui Intensive Chinese Characters Learning? Are there any pre-requests for this class?

Answer: San Rui Intensive Chinese Character Learning class is open to children aged 4-6. This is a 3 year program for learning 1,500-1,800 Chinese characters. Though there are no pre-request for children, the parents should prepare 3 years commitment for heavy involvement in children’s practice at home. Chinese –speaking family is more preferable.

9. Questions: Do you issue a certificate for completion of Chinese study? What is the requirement?

Answer: According to our school teaching program, we issue Certification of Completion Chinese Study after students completed Biao Zhun Zhongwen level 3, vol. 3. or Advanced Reading Class High Level I which is equivalent to Chinese Text book first grade in middle school. We plan to improve the creditability of the Certificate.

10. Question: What is AP Chinese? What is HSK certificate?

Answer: AP Chinese’s full name is Advance Placement Chinese, it is a college credit foreign language class offered in some senior high school. (PISD and some private school will offer. Please check directly with schools) Students who take AP Chinese in senior high school with good grade will boost their GPA in their transcripts. Student who takes AP Chinese test will earn college credit according to the university they enter.

We strive to match the AP Chinese requirement in our teaching program so the students who are in the high level Chinese class are well prepared to take AP Chinese class, or may take AP Chinese test directly. DMCLS is the first and only weekend school that sends students to take first AP Chinese test in May 2007.

HSK in Chinese means “Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi” 汉语水平考试 -Chinese Proficiency Test. It is official Chinese test equivalent to TOEFL for certifying Chinese language competence level for foreigners who plan to study, work and live in China.

Please check Chinese web site for details. Our school is the only one in DFW area that has organized students to take the tests to evaluate students’ Chinese proficiency level. Most of our tests takers not only passed level 6 of intermediate , which qualify to study in Chinese college, there are 3 students received scholarship for high scores in the higher lever test. Please refer to our web site for students achievements.

11. Question: What do you teach in your Math 104, 105, 106? Are they same as American School Math? What text book you are using for Math?

Answer: The guidelines of our math classes are to help students to reinforce the math foundations and to train the problem solving skills. They are not homework tutoring. Currently we use Math books published by Singapore Science Press for M104, 105 and 106. Students of 3rd, 4th , 5th grades can sign these math classes respectively.

12. Question: My daughter is in 5th grade, when can she take SAT Math and SAT verbal?

Answer: Our SAT verbal and SAT Math I, II are for students who are preparing take SAT in 7th grade for Duke University Gifted students program. They are for Current 6th 7th grades students. 5th grade students with good foundation can take the class too.