Admission Guide 入学指导

1 .Registration

Online Registration is available now!

1. Teachers: Go to register your personal contact information, check guide here.

2. Parents or students: Go to input your family information, check guide here.

3. School Admin: Go to update your contact information.

4. Questions and Answers: Click Q_&_A here.

To enroll in DMCLS offline, please check the Calendar page for on-site pre-registration and registration dates.

2 . Forms (for offline registration)
Current year Registration Form (TBD) and Classroom assignment (TBD).

3. Registration and Course Enrollment Policy

4.  Payment

If you register class online, please print the payment slip, check the tuition discount policy applied to you, send the check the school address below. Or if you fill the form, then just send check with form directly to:

DMCLS, P.O. Box 261868, Plano, TX 75026

Or you may check contact info if you have further questions regarding registration and enrollment.