M202 7th Algebra I /7 Honors



Fall 2014

DMCLS Dallas Modern Chinese Language School

Sunday: 3:00 ñ 4:30 PM



I. General Information


Instructor: Sean  Zhao

Email: algebra1math.zhao@gmail.com


II. Course Description


This course is designed to serve two kinds of students: the 6th graders who want to learn Algebra 1 earlier; or 7th-8th graders who need to consolidate their math skill. (if a 6 grader is planning to take the ìCredit by Examî , this class is a good choice too.)


The instructor will have a quick review of 6th grade Math concepts that have been already taught by regular school classes.


This course is designed for a whole academic year from Fall 2012 to Spring 2013, hopefully we can go through most part of the Algebra I Text book we picked.


At the end of this course, students should be able to solve most Algebra 1 Math problems.


Class schedule may be adjusted by the students learning progress; parents will be notified by email if there is any change.


III. Prerequisite

Completion of 6th grade mathematics of public school level.


VI. Grading Policy

The course grade is determined by the following weighs:

1 5% from the assessment test

2 20% from homework assignments

3 5% from class attendance and class participation

4 30% from Midterm Exam

5 40% from Final Exam.


Makeup exams are not allowed under normal circumstance.


V. Textbooks and Materials

Several Algebra 1 workbooks (e.g., Texas Algebra 1, Singapo published Math workbook.) and other algebra materials provided by the teacher.


Purchasing of textbooks is not required. Students are expected to take notes and printing class handout.


VI. Class Schedule (Subject to change)


Date Content

Sept. 7 Self Introduction, Countdown 6 grade Math Acknowledge; Introduction to Algebra 1 Text Book; Foundations for Algebra (I)

Sept. 14 Foundation for Algebra(II), Assign HW #1

Sept. 21 Equation, Assign HW #2

Sept. 28 Inequalities, Assign HW #3

Oct. 05 Functions (I), Assign HW #4

Oct. 12 Function (II), Assign HW #5

Oct. 19 Midterm Exam

Oct. 26 Function (III), Assign HW #6

Nov. 02 Liner Functions (I) Assign HW #7

Nov. 05 Liner Functions (I) Assign HW #8

Nov. 16 Liner Functions (III) Assign HW #9

Nov. 23 Systems of Equations and Inequalities Assign (I) HW #10

Nov. 30 No Class ñ Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 07 Systems of Equations and Inequalities Assign (I) HW #11

Review for Final Exam

Dec. 14 Comprehensive Final Exam