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Martha Green Leaf Academy 2014 Spring Classes

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to the 2014 Spring Semester.  The classes start on Sunday, January, the 12th.

Last class is on June, 8th, 2014.

There will be no classes on the following days:

Feb.16th 2014  No class .    Mar.23rd no class       May 25th No class

NEW: We now offer private tutoring in English Writing. The cost for one by one tutoring is $ 20 per hour. Please contact the instructor Bee @ 206 687 5653 to schedule your child’s private sessions.

Click Annoucement for detailed  Class Schedule.

Martha Green Leaf Academy offers, among others, two categories of Math classes: Singapore Math classes and Mathcounts/AMC classes.

The Singapore Math classes 1-6 are to help elementary school students to improve their Math skills. We will study different areas/topics in elementary Mathematics. Singapore Math work books will be used. Homeworks will be assigned every week. Teachers will teach students Math skills in class, help students with their homework problems, etc. All classes are taught in English.

Mathcounts/AMC classes are designed to improve middle/high school students their Math skills. We are not topics oriented but instead prolems oriented. We may do a quick review of related theories when we are working on a prolem. We encourage students to review related areaes themselfs before the classes. Homeworks will be assigned every week for students to work out during the week. Even though students are not supposed to solve all assigned problems, they are supposed to review related areas of the assigned problems. Teachers will quickly review related areas and theories and formulas related to the problems, go through solutions and solution strategies in the Sunday class. Each class is material oriented but will try to make sure students in class understand solutions to a few problems every class so that they can build up Math skills in the long run. All classes are taught in English. Classes difficult levels and materials are defined below. Students are encouraged to be a little conservative when register these classes (for example if a student is not sure Level I or Level II, he/she better choose the Level I which most likely is a better choice).

Mathcounts/AMC level I:  Mathcounts preparation materials such as workout and warm-up problem sets.

Mathcounts/AMC level II: Mathcounts Chapter test and AMC 8 problem sets.

Mathcounts/AMC level III: Mathcounts State test and AMC 10 problem sets.

Mathcounts/AMC level IV:  Mathcounts National test, AMC 12, AIME, Olympiad problem sets.

Martha School consists of Martha Daycare, Martha After School and Martha Green Leaf Academy.

Martha Green Leaf Academy is a weekend program focusing on teaching school age students Mathematics and English. Click on the "Courses" menu in the main menu bar above to see the list of classes offered. You can also register a class online. Please like our facebook page to get the latest updates: http://www.facebook.com/MarthaGreenLeafAcademy.


Martha Daycare and Martha After School See  http://marthaschool.com/ for more information.

Martha Daycare is for 3-5 year children. Location is: 14283 NW Harbor Lane, Portland OR 97229. For registration, call Martha at 503-533-4521 (H) or 503-804-2796 (Cell).

Martha After School is for kindergarten to 5th grade children. Locations: Suite 205, Suite 206 and Suite 207 in Educational building at 15188 NW Central Dr., Portland, OR 97229. Martha School has successful teaching skills and materials that accumulated over years. In the last 10 years 99% of the students were addimited into Summa if they stay in Martha school regularly for over 2 years. We pick-up students from schools. Martha After School teachs Chinese, Math and English Writing. We also help students with their workbook and homework. For Chinese we teach extensively both reading and writing using 暨南大学中文课本. For Math, kindergarten students will learn addition (with carries), subtraction (with borrows) and multiplication (multiple digits). Students will also learn speed calculation skills.  From grade 1 and up, Singapore Math (text books, work books and word problems are the basic material in addition to materials that Martha school has accumulated over years). Starting this fall, we will have English writing (composition) classes every Monday for students grade 2 and above. Our English writing teachers will be experenced who have English writing teaching experiences in public schools. Students will have writing assignments. The assignments will be collected and graded.