CHN MLPAP Adv. Chinese & AP CHINESE 中文高级班&AP中文

Start Time: 
01:30 PM
End Time: 
02:50 PM
TWHS Room 272



高级中文班&AP中文,适合于基础中文毕业的学生或同等学历者,旨在进一步提高学生的综合语言能力和文化素养。教学内容包括中文阅读、写作、演讲。为帮助学生在来年成功通过AP Chinese 的考试,这门课在结合中国的历史文化的学习的基础上,做强化训练,通过多种教学活动,不但探索历史事件和人物,并加强学生对当代中国社会和文化包括民族、地区、价值观,旅游及食物等的了解,开阔眼界,熟悉AP考试的内容和方式,提高考试技能。教材为《中华文化巡礼》和《马立平AP》。

Advanced Chinese & AP Chinese Class is suitable for students who graduate from Foundation Chinese or equivalent, and aims to further improve students' comprehensive language ability and cultural accomplishment. Teaching content includes Chinese listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In order to help students successfully pass AP Chinese exams in the coming year, this course is based on the study of Chinese history and culture, intensive training, exploring historical events and characters, and strengthening students' contemporary Chinese society and culture, including ethnic groups and regions, travel and food, etc., broaden students’ horizons, familiarize with the contents and methods of the AP exam, and improve exam skills. The textbooks are 《中华文化巡礼》和《马立平AP.