Math 3b - Geometry

Start Time: 
03:00 PM
End Time: 
04:20 PM
TWHS Room 278

Geometry (Math3) - Grade 9 or 10 and have to completed Algebra I (Math 2) This class will cover topics on congruence and similarity and apply properties of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. Students will develop problem solving skill by using length, perimeter, area, circumference, surface area, and volume to solve real-world problems. To maintain the quality education, all students need to take the mandatory placement test. Teacher will re-assign students, if necessary, base on the student's level. See CLASS OUTLINE



Integrated Algebra Advanced

Course Description:

Geometry is the branch of mathematics that defines and relates the basic properties and measurement of line segments and angles. This course is meant to employ an integrated approach to the study of geometric relationships and lead students to an understanding that reasoning and proof are fundamental aspects of mathematics. In addition, this course is meant to help students prepare for the SAT.

Geometry curriculum includes Essentials of Geometry; Logic; Proving Statements in Geometry; Congruence of Line Segments, Angles, and Triangles; Congruence Based on Triangles; Transformations and The Coordinate Plane; Geometric Inequalities; Slopes and Equations of Lines; Parallel Lines; Quadrilaterals; The Geometry of Three Dimensions; Ratio, Proportion, and Similarity; Geometry of The Circle; and Locus and Construction. The focus of Geometry curriculum is in developing mathematical problem solving skills.

Recommended Textbook:


schaum's Geometry fifth edition