Math 2b - Algebra I

Start Time: 
03:00 PM
End Time: 
04:20 PM
TWHS Room 277

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the students with the basic
algebra and prepare for next levels of math course (Geometry and
advanced Algebra). The course is based on the Algebra I at the 7th-8th
grade level. The prerequisites are arithmetic and pre-algebra. This is
an enrichment course, which emphasizes on the connections of concepts
and mathematical thinking. Upon successful completion of this course,
students will be able to describe the concepts, develop the key
formulas, use basic algebra to solve problems.

It is very important for all to finish homework after each class to
practice the concept and renew the skills learned in class. It is
especially a good time to understand the logical process. I would
spread out some homework and collect the homework at the beginning of
next class to work out together. We have over all test at the end of

Class organization:
To better understand what you have learned before, there is a pretest
on the first day of class. After that, in each class I will give a
lecture, which is immediately followed by practices and/or activities.
I may also give a quiz on the class.

The textbook used in this class is Beginning Algebra (Elayn
Martin-Gay, 5th edition). You are not required to purchase this book.
I will post a summary after every class.

By the end of this semester, this class will cover the following contents:
1.      Review of real numbers
2.      Equations, inequalities, and problem solving
3.      Graphing
4.      Solving systems of linear equations and inequalities
5.      Exponents and polynomials.

I would like to introduce Khan Academy to all my students because the
math facts are well organized in it and, more importantly, the College
Board, creators of the SAT, has announced a redesigned SAT coming in
2016 and a historic partnership with Khan Academy to make
comprehensive, best-in-class SAT prep materials open and free.

1.      Please come to the class on time with your notebook, and pens/pencils.
2.      No late homework accepted.
3.      Keep the class room clean. No food in the classroom.