CHN MLP6a 马立平中文六A班

Start Time: 
01:30 PM
End Time: 
02:50 PM
TWHS Room 269

- Textbooks: Ma Liping Book Grade 6 [PLEASE contact your teacher for textbook as soon as register the class]

  • High language proficiency and commitment is expected from the students as well as parents.
  • Students should have a record of over 90% attendence and 100% homework completion from last year

The purpose of this class is to provide those students and families who are motivated to learn Chinese in a Chinese only environment at an accelerated pace. Students will need to be able to commit about 30 minutes daily on preparing for classes, reviewing what has been taught, and completing homework and other assignments. Families' support and involvement is also expected. Families will be asked to provide a Chinese language environment at home for the students. Students should be comfortable with using Chinese only to communicate with the teacher and fellow students in class. Students will also be expected to take an initiative in their own learning, e.g. preparing for class in advance, reading additional materials on their own, or completing a reading or writing project in addition to classroom assignments. The additional cost of the textbooks is about $50 - $75 per year.

FAQs for Experimental Chinese Classes