Special: - Writing for Success Workshop

Start Time: 
12:00 PM
End Time: 
01:20 PM
TWHS Room 285

Writing for Success Workshop:

This workshop is designed for students in grades 7 to 9. This course builds on the basics introduced in the Level 1 Workshop, although it is not necessary for a student to have completed the Level 1 Workshop to enroll. The objectives of this course are to improve writing skills through the exploration of a variety of writing styles and genres, to focus on persuasive writing, and to encourage creative expression.

Activities will include short writing prompts, analysis of published work in a variety of genres, and critical analysis of students' own work as well as their peers' work. Assignments will challenge students to do more thorough pre-writing, engage in thoughtful peer review sessions, and express themselves creatively. Students will be encouraged to share their work with the class.


Instructor Info:

Amy Dalrymple is a content editor for higher education courses at Franklin University, and a freelance writer and editor, with seven years of experience working for local and online publications. Her interest in cultural exchange led her to ESOL tutoring, which she has done for the past three years. She is also the co-host of Word Carver, a local podcast and radio show about literature. She is excited to continue to help build bridges in our community through the power of language.



Trent McMahon is a content editor for higher education courses at Franklin University, as well as a freelance writer and editor. He has worked as a writer and photographer for a local newspaper, as well as a content creator with a company that specializes in search engine optimization. During college, he was the president of an extracurricular club and secretary of an honors fraternity that both specialized in bringing literature and creative writing to the community through various events and outreach. He has been editing in various mediums for seven years, and his writing has been published in collegiate and professional publications. His hobbies include photography, writing fiction, and hosting book clubs that explore literature from different, and often marginalized, cultures.