Special: - Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Start Time: 
12:00 PM
End Time: 
01:20 PM
TWHS Room 284

Instructor: Carie Martin & Dr. Adam Kennah

Course Introduction:

The Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Leaders course develops critical, life-changing skills for grades 7 and above (adults are also welcome). We need responsible and effective leaders in our communities, our cities, our country, and our world. We need leaders in the workplace, in government, and in charitable organizations. Who will become these much needed leaders of the future? The answer is….the teenagers of today.

Teens today have a challenging time taking the next step toward becoming responsible adults and contributing to their community. Between school, work, extracurricular activities, and family responsibilities, there are a lot of things to take care of amid all of the typical distractions in every teen’s life. In addition, they are still trying to learn how to be mature in the way that they handle situations and relate to others. To meet these demands and to prepare them for adulthood, this course will help them learn about and gain leadership skills. This course will cover topics such as: building relationships, communication, public speaking, planning, goal setting, and creating confidence.

Learning Outcomes Students in Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Leaders will:
• Develop a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships and a sense of personal responsibility.
• Understand emotional intelligence and the skills it measures, including self-awareness, self-motivation, and listening and social skills.
• Build skills in public speaking and communication, as well as develop an understanding of personal image.
• Learn to become better family members and citizens.
• Appreciate the need for vision in goal-setting, both personally and professionally.
• Develop leadership skills through practiced community service by completing a service project for the Chinese School.