Special: - Public Speaking and Debate

Start Time: 
01:30 PM
End Time: 
02:50 PM
TWHS Room 284

Public speaking is one of the most essential – and elusive – skills needed for future success. It has a place in courts, corporate boardrooms, concert halls, and everywhere in between. Yet, at the same time, it is an area many young people fail to develop, largely due to anxiety and inexperience. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to prepare and deliver well-organized speeches and participate in group discussion effectively. Students should also demonstrate the speaking, listening, and interpersonal skills necessary to be effective communicators in academic or workplace settings. Students will learn research, preparation, delivery, and evaluation of informative, persuasive, and special occasion public speaking.

Course will be primarily hands-on. Students will learn by doing. Each class will involve students speaking before small groups or the entire class. Homework will include monologues and composition assignments where students will be expected to produce their own short speeches. Depending on students interests, students may specialize in different areas of public speaking – drama and different types of debate. The course is open to students from middle school onward. The course is for grades 7 and above (adults are also welcome). It is not recommended for students under age 12 who are not yet proficient readers.



Shirley McPherson has been a Toastmaster for 14 years. She has earned the accreditation of "Distinguished Toastmaster" twice. Recently retired after 38 years from JPMorgan Chase, Shirley leaves a legacy of six Chase corporate Toastmasters clubs which she either launched herself or helped to launch. Shirley has served multiple terms as the Club President for various Toastmasters clubs and is currently the VP-Education for Worthington Toastmasters. Shirley has competed in numerous speech contests during her tenure in Toastmasters, and progressed to the District level. Shirley earned her Bachelor's and Masters' degrees from Indiana University Indianapolis. email: s.a.mcpherson@twc.com