Special: Robotics for Kiddos -- 儿童版LEGO机器人入门

Start Time: 
12:20 PM
End Time: 
01:20 PM
TWHS Room 022

从事什么行业都可能或都或少接触到它们。 这项课程着重于利用小班小组LEGO游戏的形式让机器
人与编程的概念简单易学, 培养小朋友对它们的接受力和兴趣, 并锻炼他们的逻辑思维。
通过LEGO WeDo 机器人套件的游戏让科学与工程里的抽象概念鲜活起来!2-3个小朋友一组,完成
培养21世纪的技能!从小开始培养小朋友的兴趣爱好的同时增强他们的动手能力,逻辑思维, 并
计算思维, 建模, 原型, 分析和解释数据;学生还将接触到电机, 传感器, 编程, 简单电子的概念。
本课非常注重培养孩子的好奇心, 创造力, 合作力, 表达力, 组织能力, 问题解决, 灵活性思维, 以及独
 最适合6-8岁小朋友
 自带平板电脑并提前下载好App
 每学期$25 LEGO套件的折旧费
 课内用英文教学
 最多8个名额
Dawn Zhu 是自动控制本科,机械工程博士,有10年以上科研开发的经验。作为两个小朋友的家长


Robotics for Kiddos

Robotics and programming are quickly becoming an essential part of 21 st
century skills regardless what career your little one will choose in the future. Learning robotics and
programming does not have to be hard. The course is focused on easing students into the concept of
robotics, motors, sensors, and programming through fun Lego Robotics projects and activities. Students
can learn in a safe and encouraging environment under small group setting.
Class Description:
Bring abstract science and engineering concepts to life with fun LEGO WeDo robotics kits. Students will
be in small teams of 2-3 working through a set of fun projects in the fields of physics, nature, space, and
technology, with tons of fun activities that encourage creative thinking. Build, code, learn. In the final
class students will have the opportunity to create their own robotics projects.
Goal of the Class: Developing 21 st -century skills!
Although the class will certainly discover a few little Einstein and Elon Mask, its main goal is to make
Robotics learning easy and fun at young age, increase students’ hands-on creativity, logical thinking, and
accelerate their STEM learning.
STEM Skills Obtained in the Class:
Computational thinking, modeling, prototyping, analyzing and interpreting data; Students will also learn
the concepts of motors, sensors, programming, simple electronics.
Soft Skills Strengthened in the Class:
curiosity, creativity, Teamwork, communication, organization, problem-solving, flexible thinking, and
independent learning.
Class Requirement:
 Best suited for Students K-2;
 A tablet is required to use the free programming app;
 Lego hardware classroom leasing fee of $25 for one semester;
 Class will be taught in English;
 8 kiddos maximum.
About the Instructor:
Dawn Zhu has bachelor’s degree in Control Automation and a PHD in Mechanical Engineering, with over
10 years of R&D and technology development experience in a Fortune 300 company. As a parent of a 1 st
grader and a 2 nd grader, Dawn is passionate in making science and engineering concepts simple and
interesting to young children.